EDEN NGO Opening

The inaugural program of EDEN NGO was held on 14th December 2012 at 11.30 am followed by Christmas Tree 2012 at the residence of Mr.Lancylat Steven Rodrigues in Maidan Hawally, Kuwait. The program began with a prayer. Mr.Lancylat Steven Rodrigues, the president of EDEN NGO was present on the stage along with elderly Mrs. Monthi Maria Rodrigues, Mr.Stany Rodrigues, Mr.Sylverster Luwis and Mr.Sunil Menezes. Mrs.Juliana Luwis welcomed the guests with flowers. The president Mr.Lancylat Steven Rodrigues unveiled the EDEN NGO banner. Also he lighted the lamps along with elderly Mrs.Monthi Maria Rodrigues and committee members Mr.Walter Mascarenhas, Mr.Sylvester Luwis and Mr.Noel Monis. A report was read by Mr.Noel Monis and the condions and motive read by Mrs.Vanitha Luwis. The president Mr.Lancylat Steven Rodrigues explained the motive of the EDEN NGO in his speech. Also he proclaimed that EDEN NGO will always stand to help the poor and needy. Followed by the inaugural program, all the guests were enjoyed the Christmas tree 2012 program. It was filled with games and distribution of sweets by Santa clause conducted by Mr.Valli Luwis. Mr.Walter Mascarenhas compered the whole program. The program was concluded by the vote of thanks, prayer and lunch.