About The Company

Eden EEIM (Electricals, Engineering, Interior & Mechanical) was set up in 2003 as the Saud Al-Shatti Establishment. Our Electrical Sales shop was setup in 2010 under the brand name Noor Al Moona, Electrical & Maintenance. Both businesses have been established under contract with Kuwait nationals. The EDEN is the international brand name umbrella for Saud Al-shatti Est. & Noor Al Moona Electricals.

Eden Electricals, Engineering, Interior & Mechanical was set up to cater to the needs of providing complete Electricals, Engineering, Interior & Mechanical solutions to our customers and also consultancy to Industries, office spaces, residential structures, educational institutes, etc throughout the length and breadth of the country. Our team of managers, electrical engineers, supervisors, Interior Designers, Foreman and labourers have over 8 years of experience in setting new paradigms in the Electricals, Engineering, Interior & Mechanical industry.

We provide a wide range of services irrespective of scale. Be it an electrical, interior or mechanical installation for a small office premises or providing a safety mechanism for a manufacturing plant, our level of intensity remains unchanged.

We primarily operate in Kuwait with a complete setup. However, in the coming months we plan to setup our business in Mumbai & Mangalore, India.